Special Effects

Dancing on the Clouds

Make your first dance a heavenly experience with this elegant special effect. By blending dry ice with our fog machine, we will make you feel like you’re dancing on Cloud 9. This gentle fog is safe on clothing and furniture as it blankets your heels, giving this special memory a touch of romance and fantasy.


Take your color scheme to a whole new level with our LED uplighting effects. Splash walls and columns in elegant lighting to match your accent colors. We can help you highlight entryways, tables, rooms, and floors with safe, LED lights that won’t overheat or harm curious fingers.

Video Production

If a picture says a thousand words, then you know video will speak volumes. Get creative with video projection and production to amp the excitement. Liven up the room with a variety of stimulating media, from photo montages to music videos. In today’s digital age, your options are limitless!